MCQuarterly is the unofficial e-magazine of Minecraft with the goal of unifying the online Minecraft community. In our currently quarterly issues, we provide to you real, relevant information from the entire Minecraft spectrum – the players and server administrators – with articles pertaining to gameplay styles, predominant server trends, server highlights, and releases of new plugins and platforms.

The e-magazine is freely available in its robust open-access format. As a community e-magazine, our issues are written by the people, for the people. You can think of us as MineCon for the ordinary player. We have a fantastic team to help us do that, too. We are more than excited to be working one-on-one with upcoming developers to showcase and release their plugins and mods. We can’t wait to release our Minecraft guides and building tips. We are thrilled to receive all of the great creations you all are making in-game, and we love to work with server owners to help promote some of the best servers out there. 

So, take a glance at what’s happening in Minecraft today.
While we finish the upcoming issue, we've hidden a number of Minecraft gift codes in our old and upcoming issues. So you may win a gift code just for reading an issue of MCQuarterly! Stayed tuned for more updates.

Hey Everyone!

First of all, I am happy to announce the release of a new issue in June! We have a dedicated team working hard to provide you with the best Minecraft magazine around. Here’s a few features within the next issue:

- Recipes for you to try at home! Yummy results!
- For the love of Furniture!
- Guide to WE Schematics
- Server Reviews
- "Issaac: The mysterious world we live in” Minecraft Story
- Comic Strips, Fun Facts and more!

Our dedicated team has been hard at work updating everything in preparation of the upcoming issue. For example, you may have noticed the recent facelift MCQuarterly received. We also moved to Enjin to better incorporate the great Minecraft communities that already exist there. In that process, we streamlined several components including easy article submissions, statistical tracking, and easy advertisements. We have also updated the content on the website in addition to the new features.

To assist us in these big changes, we bumped up our former Editor-in-Chief, David, to the overseeing director, and we’ve brought on two great Project Managers you may already know: Madster and DanniDorrito. As you know, creating a detailed Minecraft magazine is not an easy feat but not impossible; we plan to bring everything we can to the community.

Most importantly, we still strive to have the magazine "written by the community, for the community” which is why we have implemented a quick and simple article submission form. We want your stories, servers and ideas to be shared for the whole community to see and enjoy, too.

It has been a large effort from many people to bring this amazing community together. We cannot thank everyone enough who has contributed, both past and present. All contributions towards the magazine are highlighted and appreciated within the magazine with credits and also a mention of their owned server or the server they play. So you can visit these people and personally thank them for their wonderful work!

So thank you for taking your time to read this,
Have a wonderful day!
MCQuarterly Staff
VikingHatters Where is the mag, I only see 2 issues... And can you print McQuarterly, & How?
Madster a *Spongebob voice* "I'M READY! I'M READY!"
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